Phonon Developer Kit - Alpha Release

Phonon Developer Kit - Alpha Release

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Phonon Developer Kit

This Phonon Developer Kit includes everything you need to send and receive Phonons. Are you a dev wanting to be first to market with Phonons killer app? This DevKit is the place to start!  If you already have a card reader you can get a pack of just phonon cards.

The DevKit includes:

  • Two (2x) Card Readers; and,
  • Two (2x) Phonon Card 2-Packs (four [4] cards, total).

Simply connect a Card Reader to a PC that is running our open-source Phonon client These are currently intended for highly technical users or developers wanting to build applications on top of the Phonon protocol.  This is a highly experimental release and should NOT be relied upon to secure assets of value.  These are sold as is with no expressed warranty or guarantees to their operation.

WARNING: Phonon cards are not not yet supported by the GridPlus Lattice1.