Phonon Testnet Kit - Alpha Release

Phonon Testnet Kit - Alpha Release

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Phonon Testnet Kit

This Phonon Testnet Kit includes everything you need to participate in the Phonon Alpha Testnet. It includes everything you need to send and receive Phonons and begin experimenting with the capabilities of the protocol.

The kit includes:

  • Two (2x) USB Card Readers; and,
  • Two (2x) Phonon Cards.

To get started, just plug in your card reader, and follow the Quick Start Guide on Phonon DAO's Alpha Testnet site. Please note this kit includes experimental pre-release software and it is intended for developers or more technical users who would like to experiment with the Phonon Protocol. This kit is sold as is with no expressed warranty or guarantees to its operation.

WARNING: Phonon cards are not not yet supported by the GridPlus Lattice1.