Welcome To The Future Of Energy

Grid+ leverages the Ethereum blockchain to give consumers direct access to wholesale energy markets, responding intelligently to changes in energy prices – decreasing costs and moving us all to a cleaner, more efficient future.

Drives Green Energy

Creates economic incentives through market-based energy pricing, encouraging the adoption of distributed generation (solar panels) and distributed energy storage (batteries).

Increases Efficiency

Encourages the adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs), allowing more efficient utilization of existing grid infrastructure.

Lowers Cost

Dis-intermediates low value-add parties from the electricity supply chain, removing administrative and financial overhead thereby decreases prices for consumers.

Meet Your Agent
Respond to Demand

The intelligent agent can help balance the load on the grid by controlling smart devices, such as a NEST thermostat or a Tesla charger and generate revenue.

Efficiently Predict Usage

Privately share information about your schedule with your agent so that it can purchase electricity in the most cost effective markets to meet your future demand.

Arbitrage Energy

Your agent can leverage energy storage, such as the Tesla Powerwall, to purchase energy when it is cheap or free, and either use it or resell it when prices peak.

Stable Fiat Token

Grid+ will issue BOLT to customers which can be used to pay for energy without the price volatility of other cryptocurrencies. The price of BOLT will equal 1 USD. BOLT will be fully backed by US dollars and government bonds.

Safely Store Cryptocurrency

Hardware agent allows Grid+ customers to store their cryptocurrency using an always online device which utilizes state-of-the-art hardware-based secure enclaving. Multi-signature wallets will enable consumers to use their crypto while safely storing larger amounts at home.

Large Liquid State Channels

Transactions with Grid+ will take place within state-channels between the users and Grid+. Customers will be able to send money to other users on the Grid+ network at cost substantially lower than on-chain transactions.

Sign Casper POS

Once proof of stake is implemented, the Grid+ agent will be able to sign blocks which are computed in a high availability, high reliability computing environment while maintaining keys locally in a secure enclave.

Permissioned API

Grid+ agent will be able to act as a permissioned gateway for IoT devices to natively interact with crypto currency via a secure RESTful interface.


Grid+ is the culmination of two years of energy work at ConsenSys. The Grid+ vision is paved in several epochs, shown below.


Alex Miller


Technical Lead

Karl Kreder


Energy Guru

Mark DAgostino


Strategy Lead

Matt Walters

Lead Architect

Claudia Pop


Pablo Peillard

Marketing Lead

Yunyun Chen

Design Lead


Joseph Lubin

Founder / ConsenSys

Cofounder / Ethereum

Igor Lilic

CTO & Cofounder

ConsenSys Enterprise

Mike Goldin

Technical Lead

ConsenSys AdTech

John Lilic

Energy Markets


Matt Corva

General Counsel


Jeffrey Char

Founder and CEO

J-Seed Ventures, Inc

Patrick Berarducci

Legal Lead