Welcome to the future of energy

Grid+ leverages the Ethereum blockchain to give consumers direct access to wholesale energy markets. This allows customers to respond intelligently, which increases efficiency, decreases cost, and helps move us all to a cleaner future.

Why Grid+?

Drives Green energy

Creates economic incentives through market-based energy pricing and encourages adoption of distributed generation (solar panels) and distributed energy storage (batteries).


Increases Efficiency

Encourages the adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs) allowing more efficient utilization of existing grid infrastructure.


Lowers cost

Dis-intermediates parties who offer little value from the electricity supply chain, removing administrative and financial overhead, decreasing prices for consumers.

Meet your new agent

The Grid+ Smart-Energy Agent is an always-on device that pays for your electricity in real time and always finds the best price available.


Respond to Demand

The intelligent agent can help balance load on the grid by controlling smart devices, such as a NEST thermostat or a Tesla Powerwall, to generate extra revenue.


Arbitrage Energy

Your agent can leverage energy storage, such as the Tesla Powerwall, to purchase energy when it is cheap and sell it when prices peak.


Efficiently Predict Usage

Privately share encrypted information about your schedule with your agent so that it can purchase electricity in the most cost effective markets to meet your future demand.


Stable fiat token

Grid+ customers will prepay with US dollars, which are converted to BOLT tokens. These BOLTs are used to pay for energy without incurring volatility risk normally associated with cryptocurrencies. The price of 1 BOLT will always be 1 USD and BOLTs are fully backed by deposits.


Safely store cryptocurrency

The agent allows Grid+ customers to store their cryptocurrency using an always online device which utilizes state of the art hardware-based secure enclaving. Combined with multi-signature wallets we allow customers to use their crypto while also safely storing large amounts at home.


Liquid state channels

The transactions with Grid+ will take place within state-channels between the users and Grid+. Customers will also be able to use BOLT liquidity in the Grid+ hub to send money to anyone via the Raiden network.


Grid+ is the culmination of two years of energy work at ConsenSys. The Grid+ vision is paved in several epochs, shown below.


Tokenizing Energy

TransactiveGrid is formed to demonstrate tokenization and trading of energy between participants with atomic functionality. Prototype is tested on a microgrid in Brooklyn.




Energy Trading

Co-Tricity project is born to explore energy trading between residential and commercial customers. Prototype is developed with European partners.




Client Engagements

ConsenSys engages with multiple Fortune 50 energy companies. Several engagements are still on-going.

A small network of Ethereum-aware smart-batteries is deployed in Europe, successfully trading energy with one another.




Grid+ Inception

Alex, Mark, and Karl branch off of Enterprise engagements to form Grid+.

Software MVP is developed in parallel with hardware agent prototype. The Grid+ whitepaper is released.


Q2 2017-Q3 2017


Grid+ Token Sale

GRID tokens are sold. See whitepaper for more information.


Q3 2017


Edison Epoch

• First utility is established in targeted region (Q3 2017)

• Agent production begins (Q3 2017)

• Agents are shipped to first customers and service begins (Q1 2018)

• Software reaches v1.0 (Q2 2018)


Q3 2017-Q2 2018


Tesla Epoch

• Raiden hub opened and payment channels migrated (Q2 2018)

• Hardware agents contain secure enclaves and production process scales (Q3 2018)

• Agent opened to external data feeds, allowing crude AI (Q4 2018)

• 1-3 new utilities established and many more customers onboarded (Q2 2019 - Q1 2019)

• Software reaches v2.0 (Q1 2019)


Q2 2018-Q1 2019


Musk Epoch

• Hardware production fully scalable (Q1 2019 - Q3 2019)

• Many more utilities established, including international expansion (Q1 2019 - Beyond)

• AI optimized to facilitate much more intelligent energy decisions (Q2 2019 - Beyond)


Q1 2019-Beyond


Meet the team


Alex Miller

Co-founder, Technical Lead

Karl kreder

Co-founder, Energy Guru

Mark D'Agostino

Co-founder, Strategy Lead

Claudia Pop



Joseph Lubin

            Founder, ConsenSys    Co-founder, Ethereum

Jeffrey Char

Founder and CEO, J-Seed Ventures, Inc

Igor Lilic

CTO, ConsenSys

John Lilic

    Partner, ConsenSys Enterprise     

Mike Goldin

Technical Lead, AdTech

Matt Corva

General Counsel, ConsenSys