About Us

Hi there. We’re GridPlus. We’re a small team of experts in hardware engineering, embedded firmware, and cryptography. We've built the world's most secure and flexible cryptocurrency hardware wallet, the Lattice1, and we'd like your help in making it the world's best tool for securely storing and using your crypto.

Interested? Send your resume to careers@gridplus.ioPlease feel free to provide anything else you think is relevant such as coding samples (Github, Stackoverflow, etc.) or blog posts, we’d love to take a look!

Available Roles

Principal Crypto Engineer (Remote or Austin, TX)

GridPlus is looking for an experienced software engineer to handle the responsibility of implementing new crypto standards and features across the software stack used by the Lattice1 hardware wallet.


  • Develop new features in the GridPlus SDK ( and keep it in sync with changes to Lattice1 firmware.
  • For as long as necessary, maintain the GridPlus MetaMask fork ( as the SDK is updated. Specifically, keep the fork up to date with the official MetaMask version and also make sure the GridPlus keyring ( and GridPlus SDK are up to date.
  • Oversee development of feature development pertaining to crypto standards in Lattice1 firmware (embedded C). You won’t need to write firmware code (bonus points if you do) but you are the source of crypto knowledge and will be expected to direct firmware engineers when new standards are implemented (e.g. EIP712).
  • Work with Lattice1 software engineers to ensure all codebases remain in sync and, when possible, are fully backward compatible. Essentially, make sure no component gets updated that will lead to loss of functionality for existing users unless absolutely necessary.
  • Manage third party integrations when such integrations are useful. The MetaMask fork is currently the main integration, but others may arise.
  • Develop new features for the GridPlus Web Wallet ( as they arise in firmware. These will primarily be related to providing a more robust UI for certain Lattice1 firmware features as they are developed (e.g. loading secure data, setting permissions).


  • Deep and extensive technical understanding of crypto and specifically the Ethereum ecosystem (developer tools, integration frameworks, EIP standards, etc)
  • Track record of managing complexity and producing software using best practices, especially the management of multiple disparate software components.
  • Experience with Javascript and/or Typescript. Our code is in Javascript but we are amenable to migrating codebases to Typescript where useful.
  • Willingness to oversee complexity and the ability to balance multiple code bases concurrently.
  • Ideal candidate is based in time zones ranging from UTC -9 to +1

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    Full Stack Developer (Remote or Austin, TX)

    We are looking for a full stack dev to cover a wide range of software including our SDK, third party integrations, the GridPlus Web Wallet, and other software related surrounding the use of the Lattice1 secure compute environment.


    • Development and maintenance related to how data moves through the GridPlus web stack (web wallet React app, node.js cloud API, GridPlus daemon)
    • Development of Lattice integrations (MetaMask fork, Onboard.js integrations, and other related middleware)
    • Development of GridPlus Web Wallet front end (React)
    • Development of gridplus-sdk (node.js)
    • Coordination with firmware team on upgrades touching both firmware and the gridplus-sdk
    • Development of Phonon interface (golang)


    • A passion for cryptocurrency, privacy tech, cryptography, and decentralized technologies
    • An ability to write high quality, well-tested code
    • Experience developing using React and Node.js
    • A thorough understanding of the Ethereum and other blockchain ecosystems and their popular tools and applications, including DeFi, NFTs, and DEXes
    • A desire to work in a fast-paced startup environment and take ownership of assigned tasks


    • Experience in Golang and / or Solidity
    • Experience developing applications interfacing with Ethereum smart contracts
    • An interest in contributing to our technical writing via blog posts and other external communications

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    Embedded Firmware Engineer(Remote or Austin, TX)

    About You

    You are a firmware developer that is passionate about embedded system security and interested in applied cryptography, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies. You’re a self starter, have experience writing embedded C firmware, and can work in a small, fast-paced team playing different roles as needed.

    Your Next Role

    We’re looking for an Embedded Developer to join us in constantly improving on the Lattice1 to make it the standard for hardware blockchain security.

    Every Day You Can

    • Work in the hardware development team developing firmware for a secure microcontroller unit (MCU)
    • Develop functionality in embedded C for the Lattice1 including: key management, transaction/message protocol implementations, internal data processing, and more
    • Write test-harnesses, unit tests, and integration tests to verify functionality of secure MCU
    • Write specifications about the firmware you’re developing, i.e. document your work as you go
    • Collaborate with in-house and external hardware design engineers throughout the system design and development process
    • Ensure all code is memory-safe and efficient, i.e. suitable for a very secure, resource constrained environment

    Your Expertise

    • 3-5 years firmware development experience (C, Rust, etc)
    • Experience with C in 32 bit micro controller environment
    • Unit testing in C, preferably with MCU development
    • Experience with small-footprint, low-power embedded systems
    • Experience with code coverage and static analysis tools
    • Experience with automated testing systems
    • Experience with cross-platform development toolchains
    • Experience with I2C, SPI, UART, JTAG communication protocols
    • Experience designing, implementing, and testing finite state machines

    Impress Us With

    • Experience with embedded Linux
    • Understanding and passion about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
    • Understanding about public key cryptography, including asymmetric keys and ECDSA in particular
    • Experience as a member of a red team performing penetration and security testing of embedded systems

    Join us and be a key influence on our infrastructure decisions: we believe it’s important to always leverage the best tool for the job; you’ll be working with members of our team to keep refining our choices.

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    Software Engineer (Remote or Austin, TX)

    What We're Looking For

    A talented backend software engineer to further develop GridPlus' software systems. You'll work on the end to end software stack that bridges the Lattice1's HSM to the blockchain, as well as on new initiatives such as Phonon, the hardware enforced L2 scaling solution.

    This role encompasses software development and maintenance of backend applications written in Golang, microservices in NodeJS, and some occasional python or bash scripting.

    You should have software development experience in at least one of these languages, comfort with the Linux command line, along with an understanding of, or at least an enthusiasm to learn about, cryptocurrency, distributed systems, and cryptography. If you're a jack of all trades and master of none, but better at most than most are at some, this could be a great position for you.

    You'll work on cutting edge technology with a small and highly competent team, take ownership of your code from design to development to deployment, and be a part of delivering an innovative product for the rapidly growing crypto community.

    What You'll Work On

    • Golang IoT consumer application GPD running on the Lattice1
    • NodeJS cloud microservices supporting Lattice1 communication and software updates
    • Golang Phonon application for secure hardware enabled private key exchange, blockchain transaction orchestration and more
    • Maintaining and improving Docker based AWS infrastructure


    • 2+ years software development experience, with a willingness to work in Golang, NodeJS, and Python
    • Experience with Linux, Docker, and/or AWS

    Impress Us With

    • Experience with or knowledge of blockchain systems such as Bitcoin and Ethereum
    • Experience with peer to peer networking technology such as libp2p
    • Experience with lower level APIs, such as bootloaders, wire protocols, smartcards, and HSMs
    • DevOps experience
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