About Us

Hi there. We’re GridPlus. We’re a small team of experts in decentralized networks, embedded firmware, and applied cryptography. We've built the world's most secure and flexible cryptocurrency hardware wallet, the Lattice1, and we'd like your help in making it the world's best tool for securely storing and using your crypto.

Interested? Send your resume to careers@gridplus.ioPlease feel free to provide anything else you think is relevant such as coding samples (Github, Stackoverflow, etc.) or blog posts, we’d love to take a look!

Available Roles

    Software Engineer - Phonon Protocol (Remote)

    Phonon is a brand new, layer zero, chain-agnostic protocol enabling linearly scalable, private, peer to peer, zero fee transfers of blockchain assets made possible by leveraging secure hardware.

    GridPlus released the working Alpha code, spun out the protocol's ownership, and we're looking for a talented backend focused software engineer with an interest in blockchains and security to help GridPlus develop a class leading Phonon client and contribute to the development of the protocol itself.

    This is a project in its early stages with huge potential. This position would be great for a creative and technically excellent engineer who wants to get involved in product and protocol design for a novel system with a wide variety of potential applications and technical challenges alike.

    Find out more about Phonon at

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Development of the phonon-client in golang.
    • Assistance with the overall design and specification of the phonon-network protocol.
    • Integration with and development of the phonon-applet on the JavaCardOS platform.
    • Integration with frontend phonon interfaces and existing blockchain wallets.

    Your Experience:

    • Developed backend applications in Golang or a similar backend language
    • Experience with or strong understanding of blockchains, especially Ethereum and Bitcoin, and blockchain primitives like keypairs.
    • Experience with applied cryptography and security principles, such as ECDH, SSL, AES, etc.
    • Nice to have experience with Java, JavaCardOS, or embedded systems in general

    Lead Embedded Hardware Engineer (Austin, TX)

    We are looking for an experienced hardware engineer to lead our production process in conjunction with our contract manufacturer and oversee a significant increase in scale.

    Our ideal candidate will have an electrical engineering background and have experience debugging test systems.

    • Experience with creating, iterating on, and manufacturing consumer electronics products.
    Experience with designing PCBs (Altium or other CAD software)
    Experience with manual board assembly and debugging (+QA/QC)
    Experience spec'ing embedded components
    Familiarity with JTAG, SPI, and other interfaces
    Familiarity with embedded firmware systems and especially the hardware/firmware interface
    Understanding of board components and how to order different components based on supply chain/cost constraints
    Good documentation habits

    Job Duties:
    On-the-ground debugging of both product boards and programming fixtures required to program those boards at the manufacturing facility in Austin
    Ongoing QA/QC of programmed boards
    Ongoing documentation writing and iteration (processes, software interfaces, components, board revisions, etc)
    Hand assembly of development units (organization of parts, soldering of cables, and assembly) (infrequent)
    Hand debugging of programming fixtures (organization of parts, soldering components, understanding breakage points)
    Interface with firmware team to define system architectures and solve any issues found during debugging
    Ongoing QA/QC of mechanical issues on assembled production units

    Ability to debug mechanical issues with consumer electronics products
    Experience with writing embedded software in C
    Experience with embedded Linux
    Understanding of secure hardware best practices and hardware wallets
    • A passion for the crypto and security industries.

    Crypto Engineer (Remote)

    GridPlus is looking for an experienced software engineer to handle development of software related to cryptocurrencies. This is a full stack role ranging from web to firmware.


    • Build and support Lattice1 integrations for external products, such as browser extensions;
    • Develop new features for the GridPlus SDK, keeping them in synced with Lattice1 firmware.
    • Develop application-level firmware code. Our codebase is in embedded C but you will only be working with high level application code (e.g. transaction building, file management, screens, etc).
    • Help root cause customer issues when needed.

    Your Experience:

    • Javascript, Typescript, and related UI frameworks (ReactJS and Vue.js preferred);
    • Familiarity with Ethereum, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and programmable blockchain networks;
    • Proven record of managing complexity and producing software using best practices, especially the management of multiple disparate software components.
    • Nice to have experience with decentralized apps and Web3 experience;
    • Nice to have experience with systems programming (Rust, C, C++, etc), but not required;

      Location in a time zone between UTC -9 and +1 is desired.

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      Embedded Firmware Engineer (Remote)

      Responsibilities Include:

      • Develop high-value, airtight firmware for a secure microcontroller unit (MCU)
      • Oversee development of application firmware code, ensuring best practices and especially memory safety
      • Debug (and write) lower level code related to e.g. driver logic
      • Write test-harnesses, unit tests, and integration tests to verify functionality of secure MCU
      • Write specifications about the firmware you’re developing, i.e. document your work as you go

      Your Expertise:

      • 3-5 years firmware development experience (C, Rust, etc)
      • Experience with C in 32 bit micro controller environment
      • Unit testing in C, preferably with MCU development
      • Experience with small-footprint, low-power embedded systems
      • Experience with code coverage and static analysis tools
      • Experience with automated testing systems
      • Experience with cross-platform development toolchains
      • Experience with I2C, SPI, UART, JTAG communication protocols
      • Experience designing, implementing, and testing finite state machines

      Impress Us With:

      • Experience with embedded Linux
      • Understanding and passion about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
      • Understanding about public key cryptography, including asymmetric keys and ECDSA in particular
      • Experience as a member of a red team performing penetration and security testing of embedded systems

      Location in a time zone between UTC -9 and +1 is desired.

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